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The Cleansers target all skin types, i.e. normal, oily, blemishes and acne, dry skin,  tightness, flakes, fine lines, and anti-aging. All cleansers are not alike and just any cleanser is not right for everyone. My cleansers are formulated to provide the most benefit to individual skin types by targeting specific needs. Ingredients such as Aloe Vera Gel, Squalene, Rosemary Extract, Jojoba Beads, Chamomile, Vitamins A and E, just to name a few, are blended to thoroughly cleans and balance the skin for a clean, clear, fresh complexion.

All Treatments and Anti-Aging products
can be used with all skin types.

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Chris Christo’s natural skin care is made with only the finest ingredients of herbal and botanical extracts, vitamins, minerals, and essential oils for these natural, chemical free products.  With no artificial dyes, no petroleum based ingredients or fragrances, the products in this skin care line are formulated to promote healthy, vibrant, youthful skin at any age.